“Elektro Digital” szr, was founded fourteen years ago; after 5 successful years of business, we founded “Elektro Digital” doo [Ltd].
Since the beginning, we have been producing displays and digital clocks, and since then we have managed to perfect more than 50 types of displays and clocks.
“Elektro Digital” doo has crafted more than 1700 digital LED displays and clocks so far.
More than 2.600.000 LED diodes have been installed into our products.
Our development team consists of electronics and software engineers.

At the customer’s request, we also make LED sign boards at our company.
Apart from the above devices, we also design and manufacture small-series dedicated electronic devices.

For eight years, we have been producing decorative lamps with a new Philips Lumileds power LED technology.
During the eight years since we have them on offer, we have installed more than 8,500 Luxeon power LED diodes by the manufacturer Philips Lumileds.
We also produce custom-made LED lamps at the customer’s request.

We design and produce electronic control units for RGB decorative lighting.